I was just surfing for some inspiration for more ways we could use the internet to build a real and fruitful community for Christians here when I stumbled onto the following article at this old blog called the intersect, looks like the last post was made in 2008. The Blog deals with the crossing of technology and Christianity, might be a good spot to mine for some wisdom.

By Chris Goodman – Posted on March 20th, 2008

As the Internet continues to grow and develop (I sometimes describe it like a child, the first decade of the Internet being somewhat of an infant/toddler phase and the last few years seeing a transition into more of a childhood phase – with many more phases to come) and on some levels mature, there are many exciting opportunities and advantages for the Church. One of these is the Social Networking space.

So, what is Social Networking and what’s all the hype about? On the most basic level SN’s are the network of connections between people. They exist all around you. You are involved in social networks: your neighbors, your family and at church (for example you know Jason who knows someone you don’t, Clint – More >