I have many family members and friends in the military. I’m sure many of you know a few people who are in the military. They come home with those classic military stories, telling tales that fascinate us and leave us awestruck. Telling us, in great detail, what they’ve done for our country.

One time, I befriended a man in the National Guard while taking medical courses. He would often explain that he was over-qualified for that particular course but was forced to take it anyway. He was a medic in the Guard and had to undergo extensive training. It was no simple job and it did require a lot of special skills that many of us could not handle.

One main skill is focus. Sure, most of us would say that we are pretty good at focusing. But, in the military, you have to have a special kind of focus. While in war, a medics job is to operate on the wounded soldiers. They would have to operate while bombs, gun shots, and awful screams were sounding all around them. But their patients lives were in their hands. They can’t look at every sound, they have to focus on their on More >