The Power of the name of Jesus

Do we, as imperfect humans, realize and understand the power in just belief in the words of Jesus the Messiah? We fully understand what we can do with the Lord Jesus by our side? There are a lot of different controversial beliefs when it comes to speaking the name of Jesus. I’ll be discussing them, giving each side a fair point of view. But do not go by my word, or anyone’s, but go by God’s Word alone.

According to the Church of Christ belief, we do not have power and God doesn’t work in today’s time. Before getting jumpy at this statement, let’s first examine why they believe this way. In Matthew chapter 10, verse one, it says that Jesus gave the apostles power to drive out demons, cleans the sick, and so on. He said the apostles, not anyone else.

As time progressed, the faith of the people weakened as the apostles slowly died off. After they died, everyone thought that they only had the power to heal, to drive out demons, and the power to move mountains. Because Jesus did say THEY had the power, not us or anyone else. If we go on in the books of the More >


Start the blog rolling….

Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that we are going to try and get a blog rolling here at JESUSCHATROOM.COM! The Idea will be to publish fascinating and or encouraging bits of christian news for discussion and to hopefully build up our community.

GOD willing, this will be fruitful!

If you would like to participate let me know.