Forgetting God

Friends and brethren of our Lord Jesus – who died, resurrected by God, and now sits on the right hand of God -, greetings! The Lord gave me this message and laid upon my heart to give it to all of His children, all of His servants, all of His followers:


I was walking in the Christian book store in my local town and stumbled across a book called, “The forgotten God”. The title almost brought me to tears. Just the thought of how painful it must be for our Father to be forgotten was overwhelming. I had to turn away or else I most likely would have cried. I turned away, bought my Bible’s that I came there for, and left the store, still contemplating that single title. When I got home, I decided to do some more biblical study in the Book of Joshua, and in the book of Judges. This is what the Lord revealed to me, and how we can apply it to our daily lives:


We see that throughout the books of Exodus and Joshua that God chose leaders to lead the nation of Israel to victory and to defeat – to do the Lord’s will. We More >


Brothers and sisters, friends and family of the Lord Jesus Christ:

I thank God for everyone of you each day, who remain loyal to our eternal King. It is such a blessing knowing there are true Christians out there; true Soldiers, Warriors, partakers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord our God has set upon me a guilt, and a joy. Both of which I will share with you openly in this post today.


I’ve felt guilty due to my backsliding from the Word of God. The lesson I’ve learned is that, during a temptation, we often fail it like a student fails a test. My friends, have you ever noticed when we’re tempted, God is the farthest thing from our minds? Have you ever noticed when we’re tempted, we aren’t praying or worshiping God our King? This is why I believe Jesus said, “watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:41) We need to watch, like a guard in a watchtower watches for any intruders. We also need to be in continual prayer, so that we do not enter into temptation. Our flesh feeds on fleshly food: Lust, More >

Making a difference

Greetings friends, family, brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus’ name! I do hope your Wednesday went well, and that your week has gone good so far, and will continue to do so. Today’s society, as we know, isn’t the best it’s ever been. In fact, there is a great downfall of faith and believers. With the economic struggle, wars, terrorism, drug-abuse, and all of the other sins in the world, it’s almost impossible to see any hope. Teens suffer from depression, suicide, “emo-phase”, and much more — the youth has really declined over the past few yews. Suicide rates have sky rocketed, child molestation have increased each year. The world has become a Sodom and Gommorah. But there’s something we, as fellow Christians (soldiers of Christ) can do about it. This is what I will talk about today in this discussion.


Many of us “Christians” do not understand what it means to be one, to act as one, and live as one. It’s not saying a simple prayer and you’re done with it. No, God forbid it! While accepting Jesus as your eternal Savior, everlasting Lord, you not only accept eternal life; but you also accept the heavy responsibility that comes along with it. You More >

Bearing fruit of the Kingdom of God

Greetings fellow brothers and sisters, family and friends in our loving and grace-filled Lord Jesus Christ! It is a wonderful day today to be serving our Lord! Indeed it is!  I do hope all of your days are filled with the mighty Spirit of God, and the love of the Messiah – Jesus!


Today I wanted to talk about something that most churches, most Christians, most theologians, miss. God laid it upon my heart and I felt the anointing of the Holy Ghost come upon me to get me to write this, which is His Word.  I wanted to talk about bearing fruits for the Kingdom of God — which most of us do not. In Matthew 7:16, Jesus tells us that we will know the true Christians by the fruit that they bare. In Mark 16:17, we are shown the signs of a Christian — a newborn believer. These signs are:

1) In Jesus name, they shall cast out devils (demons);

2) They shall speak with new toungues;

3) They shall take up serpents and none will harm them (Nothing physical or spiritual can harm a Child of God);

4)If they lay hands on the sick, they will recover. Another piece of scripture, in More >

Discussion on Temptation

Greetings friends, brothers and sisters, family in our Lord Jesus! A wonderful afternoon it is indeed. I was doing some reading in a book by a fellow brother, about the book of James. God opened my eyes and spoke to me through that book — He gave me understanding of how Satan acts, how he tempts us. When we get to thinking about today’s time, if we’re completely honest, we will all agree that the youth and adults both have no morals, have low standards, and basically allow the Word of God to be trampled upon — there is no need to question why the world is in bad shape as it’s in. It’s because we allowed it to become this way.


With that being said, I believe it is easier for Satan to tempt us. But how exactly does he tempt us? Many of us, when we sin, are quick to blame it on a stressful situation, circumstance, or we blame it either on God or Satan. But if we look closely at it, Satan didn’t really tempt Eve that much. Let’s look more closely at the Word of God.


The snake was the most clever of all the wild animals that More >