How big is your God?

Brothers and Sisters in the Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Have you ever noticed how most of the modern Churches will tell us how God doesn’t work today? They bog down, cage in, and trap in God’s power in everyone’s life. Often times, they tell us it is by our own power and strength we do the things we do. They also claim that miracles ceased with the Apostles long ago – otherwise saying God abandoned us. Tonight, I want to tell you Good News: Our God is ALIVE, He is CONCERNED for your life! More than you and I will ever realize.


David is a fine example


If we look in the books of first and Second Samuel, we can clearly see David had to have a lot of faith. In his early years, the Scriptures tells us he was a simple farm-hand, working under his father and nothing more (1 Samuel 16:12). He was also the youngest of all his brothers. The Prophet Samuel anointed David, and later on we read he became King of Israel.


Imagine this: You’re tending the flocks in an open green pasture. You’re working hard, probably sweaty (as most of us men do), and smelly too. More >

Are you ready for the second coming of Jesus?

Friends and family in the Lord Jesus Christ:


I know that there is one thought that has entered into our minds at least a few times in our lifetime. The thought enters our minds because, by that question and the next action following it, we can become more pure and Christ like. This question is what we need to ask ourselves daily. We can always have improvement on ourselves; and by asking ourselves this one question, it will provide guidance for the answer and how to become more pure. Tonight, I would like to talk about this question: Am I ready for the second coming of Jesus?


Jesus says many times and mentions with His words and actions how He will not come at an expected time. (Yes, He is not returning in the start of 2012) Jesus went on to compare His coming to the days of Noah. No one really knew when the flood was coming. In fact, humanity kept on sinning and living in a non-repentant life. They thought it was a joke and harassed Noah and his family – they called him crazy, even. But the flood came, in an unexpected moment while they were partying, and only More >

Importance of Prayer

Brothers and sisters,

It has come to my attention that there are many out there who do not pray, who do believe that prayer doesn’t work. Today, I would like to share with you all the importance of prayer. First by explaining how to pray, then by explaining the importance of it.

What is prayer?

First of all, it is important to understand what exactly prayer is. Prayer is a form of communication from us to God. Another word for prayer may be just like talking. You and I can talk anytime by either calling each other, texting, IM’ing each other, or by simply meeting some place. God has no cell phone. He has no computer. He has no messages or texting. This is where prayer comes in. It takes a lot of faith to pray to someone who is Unseen. But in all truth, the unseen things are the things which are eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18)


Okay, so how do I exactly pray?

Jesus knew this answer would come up. I mean, we’re all praying to something we cannot see, right? Hard to understand because we as humans are used to using our five senses. Some people even claim they can’t pray because it is More >

Trusting God

This is yet another day God has provided for His Children, for His followers, for His Servants. Truly, we serve such a wonderful loving God. Who can compare seriously? God, being Supreme, yet humble enough to talk to His Creation daily. Truly, God is an Awesome God!

Today, I would like to share with you something the Lord has revealed to me. You could consider this a small “Bible study”, but it may be important to you right now. In today’s  society, there is murder, taxes, homosexuals, rape, etc. There is so much sin out there that could harm us physically as well as spiritually. In fact, it is said some of the governments are placing certain chemicals into our water purification plants because they consider it “good for us”. With all this happening around us, it is hard not to worry! But let’s see what Scripture says about all this.

Paul said we should be content in every situation we are in. (Philippians 4:11) In James, it says to be joyous during each trial and temptation (James 1:2), and that we should be joyous because we’ll be blessed if we endure them. (James 1:12) If we look at that, most of More >

That bad apple

Friends, brothers and sisters in our Lord – greetings! I do hope your week has been good, and that you’ve helped the Kingdom of God by glorifying it by your actions. This morning, God has placed many things upon my heart to minister to His flock. Some I’ve posted on my facebook, others on different websites. On here, He wants me to write about that one bad thing that happens in our day, that ruins it all.


Have you ever noticed that our day can be going perfect, then that one bad thing happens and we’re grumpy the rest of the day? I know, personally, everything can go great in my day. Nothing bad can go wrong, and I feel on top of the world. Then someone says something bad about me or something bad happens, and my entire day is ruined. In another sense, 1,000 people can say you’re a great Child and Servant of God, but then that one person condemns you, and then you feel awful about it. If you haven’t noticed it already, I’ll tell you: we, as humans, often focus on negativity. We will choose the negative side over the blessing – why? I have no More >