Brothers and Sisters in the Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Have you ever noticed how most of the modern Churches will tell us how God doesn’t work today? They bog down, cage in, and trap in God’s power in everyone’s life. Often times, they tell us it is by our own power and strength we do the things we do. They also claim that miracles ceased with the Apostles long ago – otherwise saying God abandoned us. Tonight, I want to tell you Good News: Our God is ALIVE, He is CONCERNED for your life! More than you and I will ever realize.


David is a fine example


If we look in the books of first and Second Samuel, we can clearly see David had to have a lot of faith. In his early years, the Scriptures tells us he was a simple farm-hand, working under his father and nothing more (1 Samuel 16:12). He was also the youngest of all his brothers. The Prophet Samuel anointed David, and later on we read he became King of Israel.


Imagine this: You’re tending the flocks in an open green pasture. You’re working hard, probably sweaty (as most of us men do), and smelly too. Your dad yells, “Common in son! There’s someone who wants to meet you.” I suppose the first thought would be someone needing help on another pasture or farm, no one really important. So you walk back to your small house, go inside a wooden-panel door, and see this man standing there. Probably gray headed. Your brothers are already there – all six or seven of them. Then the man comes up to you and anoints you President over your country while there already is one! If we be honest, I believe we would consider that man a nut. But David knew how powerful his God was – he knew God could do all things. David had no doubt. Later on, King Saul calls David to him! Everything is looking up: David’s family is well fed, and one would think everything would be great here on out. But, that wasn’t the case.


Saul knew David would become King so he got jealous of him, even though he was a mere boy. So having a King against you would like having the President of your country against you! That means, the entire country of Israel was against one young boy: David. But as we read through the Psalms, David has a similar pattern: First, he writes his sorrows and begs God Almighty to help him in his struggles. Then in the following Psalm, we see there’s praises written by David about how great his God is! I believe this wasn’t just a normal everyday thing. David asked God, in complete faith without wavering, to help him in all struggles that life brings him; God answered.


How big my God is

When I was really young, about the age of seven or eight years old, we had a terrible storm come our way. Tornadoes landed in the back yard of our house. My family was panicking non stop; screams could be heard echoing throughout the corridors of our own household. We gathered underneath a bed, which we’ve placed in the hall to prevent injuries. All this time, I thought about the words my family previously told me: Not to worry, God is in full control. Now, they were worrying. It just did not make sense to me at the time. Immediately, I was filled with the Holy Ghost, insomuch I broke free from my family’s clutches, ran outside in the middle of the tornado-storm, stretched forth my hand to the sky and said peacefully, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go away.” The storm, without hesitation it seemed, lifted, cleared the sky, went across our home and then landed back down a mile away without harming us.


During your life, my friends, you will have many different struggles as you continue to live day by day. But I have a serious question: How big is your God? I know for me personally, my God is the Most High God: The Creator of all the living things. I know that, Zach! My God is the same way. What’s your point? Many may ask that question. But do you understand how great that statement is? He is wanting a personal relationship with you, right now. The Divine King, the Ultimate and Most High God loves you and will do anything to protect and save you: He even gave His Own Son for you! God created all that we see. Jesus came and tells us and gives us this promise: “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) Jesus said, “I have overcome the world.” So whenever you’re facing your trials, talk to them like you talk to anyone. Say to them, with divine faith, “I don’t know where this new road will take me but I will not fear. My Lord, the Creator of all, has already overcome you! I need not to fear. Jesus has already won the victory for me.” Say this each time during a trial, out loud, and mean it in Jesus name.


I love each of you. In the name of our Lord Jesus, amen.