Friends and family in the Lord Jesus Christ:


I know that there is one thought that has entered into our minds at least a few times in our lifetime. The thought enters our minds because, by that question and the next action following it, we can become more pure and Christ like. This question is what we need to ask ourselves daily. We can always have improvement on ourselves; and by asking ourselves this one question, it will provide guidance for the answer and how to become more pure. Tonight, I would like to talk about this question: Am I ready for the second coming of Jesus?


Jesus says many times and mentions with His words and actions how He will not come at an expected time. (Yes, He is not returning in the start of 2012) Jesus went on to compare His coming to the days of Noah. No one really knew when the flood was coming. In fact, humanity kept on sinning and living in a non-repentant life. They thought it was a joke and harassed Noah and his family – they called him crazy, even. But the flood came, in an unexpected moment while they were partying, and only Noah and his family were saved.


Okay, so I know this story already. What has it got to do with me? This question might be asked by younger viewers and even older ones as well. Often times, we as humans have difficulty applying the Scriptures of God to our everyday life. Noah and his family was preparing for the flood because they knew it would come. They had no doubt, for God had told Noah Himself that there was going to be a flood. They didn’t wait until the last second to prepare – they stopped what they were doing, and built the Ark as the Lord God had commanded them. Today, Jesus tells us something very similar. He said that He is coming very soon and that we need to prepare ourselves for His coming. We need to follow the example of Noah and do what he did. There are a few key points in this as well.


  1. The Scriptures of the Old Testament tells us when God told Noah there would be a flood, Noah went ahead and built the Ark right when God had spoken to Him. Jesus has told us that we need to prepare as well – thus, we need to get right with God, stop living in sin, and live a righteous and faith-filled life.
  2. The Scriptures also says that Noah went out and went beyond the call of duty to warn the others. In result, the other mocked him and drowned in the end. Since Jesus told us to prepare, He went on and gave us another commandment: to go into all the world and spread the Good News of His saving Gospel. We have a whole world out there which isn’t saved. Many do not even know Jesus. We should spread the Gospel by example and by words. As one man once said, “Always spread the Gospel. If necessary, use words.”
  3. The Scriptures says that God should come first in our lives at all times. There is one way to tell if God is first in your life: When you first wake up in the morning, do you pray and worship our Eternal Father? If not, He is not first in your life. Whatever you do first in your day, when you open your eyes, is what is first in your life. Love God with all your heart – the best way to prepare.


So, today, my friends, have you been preparing for the coming of our Lord? If not, there is obviously time left! Read the signs of the end of times. Today, I urge you to read Matthew 24 and try to understand it and put it into your daily lives. God bless!