This is yet another day God has provided for His Children, for His followers, for His Servants. Truly, we serve such a wonderful loving God. Who can compare seriously? God, being Supreme, yet humble enough to talk to His Creation daily. Truly, God is an Awesome God!

Today, I would like to share with you something the Lord has revealed to me. You could consider this a small “Bible study”, but it may be important to you right now. In today’s  society, there is murder, taxes, homosexuals, rape, etc. There is so much sin out there that could harm us physically as well as spiritually. In fact, it is said some of the governments are placing certain chemicals into our water purification plants because they consider it “good for us”. With all this happening around us, it is hard not to worry! But let’s see what Scripture says about all this.

Paul said we should be content in every situation we are in. (Philippians 4:11) In James, it says to be joyous during each trial and temptation (James 1:2), and that we should be joyous because we’ll be blessed if we endure them. (James 1:12) If we look at that, most of us are thinking our heads, “Are you crazy?” We think that because we do not truly know the Power of God. We underestimate His authority, His divine existence. We underestimate God. It’s very dangerous to do so. Not only may it hurt God, but it surely puts a lot of unneeded pressure! I mean, we don’t have to hold that 100lbs on our back because Jesus will take it. If one says to be content in all situations, we believe they’re crazy. Imagine how crazy Jesus must think we are! (Just kidding, of course)


I used to worry all the time about grades in school. I was worried to death if I was going to pass or fail that grade. I also was worried what I’d wear because of peer pressure. I would be worried so much, then I go to school seeing everyone else wearing something “foolish”. Jesus said don’t worry about what we’ll wear, what we’ll eat, or what we’ll drink. That it doesn’t matter it all. In fact, He said that even if we do worry, what good will it do us? How will it affect us? What good does it do to worry, period? (Matthew 6:25;27) I mean, the animals don’t worry, do they? They’re happy! They are content in storms, in harsh whether, in droughts, and in floods. They do not worry. Yet we as humans are placed above animals! If God will feed the animal, how much more will He feed us? (Matthew 6:26)

We don’t need to worry about things. Especially things we have no control over. Instead of worrying yourself to death about how bad the world is, or how bad your grades are, or how troubled you are in a trial or temptation, give it to God. He doesn’t want you to worry because He knows the results of worrying. If one worries too much it can cause many different health problems. We shouldn’t worry because it does us no good. We’re also representing the Kingdom of God. We’re supposed to be the light of the world, and not to hide that light. (Matthew 5:14) This means we are supposed to let people see the Light within us. If we go around having our small pity parties and go around complaining all the time, who in their right mind would want to be a Christian? If you’re always smiling and always content in situations, you’ll draw more people to Jesus than push them away.

But remember, in all things, to be content. (Philippians 4:11)