Friends, brothers and sisters in our Lord – greetings! I do hope your week has been good, and that you’ve helped the Kingdom of God by glorifying it by your actions. This morning, God has placed many things upon my heart to minister to His flock. Some I’ve posted on my facebook, others on different websites. On here, He wants me to write about that one bad thing that happens in our day, that ruins it all.


Have you ever noticed that our day can be going perfect, then that one bad thing happens and we’re grumpy the rest of the day? I know, personally, everything can go great in my day. Nothing bad can go wrong, and I feel on top of the world. Then someone says something bad about me or something bad happens, and my entire day is ruined. In another sense, 1,000 people can say you’re a great Child and Servant of God, but then that one person condemns you, and then you feel awful about it. If you haven’t noticed it already, I’ll tell you: we, as humans, often focus on negativity. We will choose the negative side over the blessing – why? I have no idea!


When Jesus was in the wilderness, He hadn’t eaten or drank anything for 40 days and nights. I know if I don’t get my meals in by noon or 3pm, I am crabby, irritable, and ready to attack the person that next comes to me. I’m ready to snap because I haven’t eaten at all until 12 to 3pm. I’m angry, tired, and hungry. I believe we all can say we’ve been like this. Jesus went 40 whole days and nights without eating OR drinking! I couldn’t handle it. Then Satan, the tempter, comes and tempts Him saying to make bread out of stone. By this time, I imagine He is tired and extremely hungry. He knows He can make bread; but how does He react? He recites the Word of God. He doesn’t let that interfere in His ministry either! We read later, He goes into Galilee, and starts ministry even more.


When our lives are going great, and we’re not complaining, and that one bad apple comes along, will you let it ruin your day? Or will you do as Jesus did, and recite scripture? Today, let’s make the right choice! Amen!