Do we, as imperfect humans, realize and understand the power in just belief in the words of Jesus the Messiah? We fully understand what we can do with the Lord Jesus by our side? There are a lot of different controversial beliefs when it comes to speaking the name of Jesus. I’ll be discussing them, giving each side a fair point of view. But do not go by my word, or anyone’s, but go by God’s Word alone.

According to the Church of Christ belief, we do not have power and God doesn’t work in today’s time. Before getting jumpy at this statement, let’s first examine why they believe this way. In Matthew chapter 10, verse one, it says that Jesus gave the apostles power to drive out demons, cleans the sick, and so on. He said the apostles, not anyone else.

As time progressed, the faith of the people weakened as the apostles slowly died off. After they died, everyone thought that they only had the power to heal, to drive out demons, and the power to move mountains. Because Jesus did say THEY had the power, not us or anyone else. If we go on in the books of the Bible, it goes on to show the power of the apostles, and the power they had.

But did they have the power, really? If so, how did they obtain such a power? A power to RAISE the dead, to heal those of leprosy and those who are sick due to ill spirits? If we search the life of the Apostles, we clearly see their faith was strong. But it wasn’t themselves who had the power, it was by faith that they did these things. Without faith, the possible becomes impossible. What I mean by this is: if you recall and ponder the time when Peter walked on water, he had faith so he done it. Yet he got scared and began to DOUBT. So he sank in the water, and Jesus saved him. We see here that the apostles doesn’t have power unless they have faith.

Moving on, we see also that the apostles COULDN’T heal the sick or cure those who have a demonic spirit due to their faith. In Matthew 17:16-19 we see that the apostles could not drive out a evil spirit. They asked why they couldn’t drive it out. Later on, Jesus responds by saying, ” Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Yet Jesus still says, “you”, which is directed straight to the Apostles. Many COC members would agree that the apostles had power through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was only by faith did they commit all of these works in the Lord. Now that we have established that works is by faith, and that without faith, works are dead and cannot work, let’s see if WE, ourselves, can use the same power through Jesus.

There have been many and countless testimonies that have been told where the blind see, the dead raised, the lame walk and the deaf hear. But how do we know if that person(s) is telling the truth? Shouldn’t we only go by God’s word because that’s the only thing we can truly lean on? These questions are normal questions. We should question like this.

In the book of Mark, chapter 16,. verses 17-20, we will notice Jesus talks about the signs of a believer. Anyone who is a believer will have these signs follow them:

  • They will drive out demons in Jesus’ name;
  • They will speak in new tongues;
  • They will pick up a snake or drink deadly poisons and it will not hurt them. (I interpret this as the new believers will not be harmed, God will defend them);
  • They will lay their hand on the ill or sick and they will be healed.

Those will be the signs and are the signs of each new believer. Some may ponder this question, “why then is there so many people sick? I believe in Jesus, yet I am not healing.” There is only one logical response I can think of and comprehend. That is we need faith. If we had faith and went out to heal the sick, they would be healed without question. In my opinion, saying that the apostles only had power is an excuse for having low faith. Jesus said to obtain such faith, we need to fast, pray, and really get close to God.

In conclusion, we do have power through the Lord Jesus Christ. We, ourselves, do not, but Jesus uses us as tools to the people. Is it then possible to raise the dead? Of course it is. People do not do it because of our low faith, if we have any, that is.